Go to the parent directory that you want to use and clone the project.  This enables you to have a complete working copy even if you are offline (great for laptops).  To pull or clone a project you need afs read access, and you need write access to push changes.

git clone ahi.cs.unc.edu:/home/gavaletz/src/scripts

This creates a local copy of the repository and has a local branch based on the master remote branch

cd scripts
git branch -a

you will see that some are local branches (you can work on them) and some are remote.  To make a local copy of a remote branch so that you can do work on it

git checkout -b <YOUR BRANCH NAME> remotes/origin/<YOUR BRANCH NAME>

To create a local branch not based on a remote branch

git checkout -b <YOUR BRANCH NAME>
If you add a file(s)
git add <FILE1> <FILE2> ...
If you want to leave a longer than one line description omit the -m “…”
The idea would be to commit after every successful compile
git push ahi.cs.unc.edu:/home/gavaletz/src/scripts <YOUR BRANCH NAME>
***Be very careful with the branch name here, not being careful could overwrite someone else’s work, or the master.

Don’t add or track binaries, because they are too big. The scripts directory will be where we will place processing scripts, but use it to play around with and test things before working on the following file sets:

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